Our Vendors

Altai Technologies Distributor Africa

Altai Technologies is a leading provider of carrier-grade WiFi products and technologies with deployments in over 100 countries, 200 container ports, manufacturing plants and warehouses. The Altai Super WiFi Solution includes a complete portfolio of indoor and outdoor products for carriers, WISPs and enterprises to support a wide range of applications such as mobile data offload, public access, WLAN access and backhaul.

Utilizing patented smart antenna technology, as well as a cloud-based management system called AltaiCare, the Altai Super WiFi Solution is designed from the ground up to deliver WiFi networks that have unprecedented performance, reliability, scalability and manageability.


Darveen Technology Distributor Africa
Providing the best embedded PC solutions for global vertical industries.

Darveen Technology Ltd. was founded in 2002 and has been becoming one of the world's leading industrial computing solution providers. Darveen's mission is providing the best industrial computers for vertical markets. By focusing on specific vertical industries and obtaining deep understanding about the industrial application scenarios, Darveen develops industrial computers and peripheral products most suitable to these scenarios for global industrial customers. Meanwhile, based on an efficient logistics platform, Darveen is committed to provide high-quality products and services for all its customers.

With more than 10 years' development, Darveen has accumulated rich experience in product design and manufacture, and its wide range of products have been widely used in many different vertical markets, such as intelligent container terminals, intelligent warehousing, intelligent manufacturing, fleet management and so on.

Dascom Printers Distributor Africa

Our mission and philosophy at Dascom Corporation is to be the world leader in serial printing technology.

From barcodes, bills of lading, invoices, multi-part forms and a host of other critical documents, Dascom printers are the advanced technology solution that businesses world-wide call on when seeking the best in cost-effective printing.

Some of the world’s largest companies in logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, healthcare and more depend on Dascom to deliver the best in time critical performance and custom solutions when their business is on the line.

Dascom thermal printers, mobile printing and barcodes, Africa

Fluidmesh Distributor Africa
Fluidmesh wireless products are the enablers of outdoor and large-scale applications of the Internet of Things: smart cities, urban video-surveillance, connected vehicles and trains, and industrial automation.
For years Fluidmesh have been working with mass transit agencies, airports and seaports in different countries helping them to stream data, video and voice from remote locations and moving vehicles. Now, thanks to FLUIDITYTM, you will be able to deliver to your passengers broadband and stable on-board Wi-Fi; transmit real-time video from on-board security cameras; stream diagnostics data from vehicles for preventive maintenance.

Why Fluidmesh?

Both our fixed and mobile wireless networks do not require any governmental license to be deployed and used. You can connect a wide area at 150Mbps without waiting for any third party approval.

Our mobile transmission protocol FLUIDITYTM can connect an on-board radio roaming at up to 225mph. Nobody is able to beat the performances of our track-side wireless technology with 0 ms hand-off and no packets dropped.

Fluidmesh means no more trenching and wiring to deploy a fast and reliable network covering a wide area. Our radios can be easily installed on existing poles and build a self-healing wireless infrastructure.

Our radios are fully certified to transmit only on designed frequencies: our wireless products are designed to create no harmful interfere to other radio technologies operating on different channels. Moreover, our proprietary transmission protocol copes with the negative effects of environmental interference and are able to provide reliable streaming also in interference-dense environments.

Sometimes it takes a geek to stop a geek. Fluidmesh innovative transmission protocol is built to overcome the limits of standard wireless protocols security and to deliver an infrastructure that keeps those pesky hackers away. Thanks to its proprietary protocol and AES encryption.


Hopeland Distributor Africa
Hopeland Technologies CO., Ltd. is a worldwide high-tech enterprise founded in 2009.

They are focused on IOT technologies and specialise in developing and manufacturing Smart Temperature devices, UHF RFID readers, handheld mobile terminals, NFC devices, FID modules, UHF antennas, and special type RFID tags.

The products have been deployed in many industries & applications including assets tracking, warehouse management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle tracking, production line management and intelligent weight measurement etc.

Identec Solutions Distributor Africa
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is a global provider of wireless solutions that deliver visibility to improve operational processes and the security of personnel in harsh environments. Their industry-specific solutions are built on robust technology for the world’s leading companies in the Oil & Gas, Marine & Ports, Mining & Tunneling as well as in Smart Factory industries.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Reefer Runner and Terminal Tracker solutions offer a range of modules, focusing on automating the operational processes in a container terminal. Their solutions are designed specifically for the harsh container terminal environment and provide a direct control over operations. They fully integrate into an existing IT and hardware landscape, extending the overall return and lifespan on investment, bridging the logical gaps in your operations.

Reefer Runner is a remote monitoring and control system for covering all aspects of cool container management within container terminals. With its process-centric approach this system handles the specific requirements of refrigerated containers. Built to integrate into the IT-landscape of your terminal, Reefer Runner will become an integral part of your operations. The solution consists of hardware which, when connected to the refrigerated container, wirelessly communicates data to a server which processes and distributes the information to client applications and the TOS.

Identec Solutions reefer runner
Identec Solutions cool container management

Lancom Systems Distributor Africa
LANCOM Systems focuses on infrastructure solutions for business customers and the public sector.

LANCOM Systems offers business customers secure, reliable and future-proof infrastructure solutions for all local and multi-site networks (WAN, LAN, WLAN). The traditional hardware business is combined with future topics like software-defined networking (SDN).

The LANCOM solutions for wireless networks (WLAN) and site connectivity (VPN routers and gateways) are developed and manufactured in Germany in accordance with the highest standards of data protection. They use an entirely proprietary operating system (LCOS), which is developed in a high-security environment and is optimally protected from manipulation.


Maxxess Systems Distributor Africa
Specialising in security management solutions and innovative technologies that are effectively transforming the way businesses approach and implement security.

Leading organisations worldwide, from healthcare to hospitality and transportation to telecommunications, choose Maxxess for our expertise in access control and database integration, plus our ongoing commitment to further advancing open architecture security management software, development of leading-edge new technologies, unmatched customer care and service, and fair, transparent pricing structures.

Maxxess security management software platforms feature the most complete and greatest number of third-party integrations in the industry. These off-the-shelf solutions are designed for easy customization, to meet individual customer requirements.

Midstream Distributor Africa

Midstream are a global pioneer in the LED lighting industry, leading the way since founding the company in 2009. Their award-winning lighting solutions are advanced, robust and best-in-class and are designed to meet customers individual requirements, including reducing energy consumption, cutting maintenance costs, and minimising environmental damage, all whilst vastly improving the quality of their lighting.

Midstream have vast experience and a strong reputation with major international airports, sports facilities of all sizes, maritime container terminals and commercial horticulturalists in all corners of the globe, including Remarail Terminal in Mozambique, Port of Mohammedia and Port of Casablanca in Morocco, Dubai Airport in UAE, King Abdulazziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia, Muscat Airport in Oman and Nairobi Airport in Kenya.

The range includes the Titan Series, the Atlas R Series, the Modus R Series, the Modus S Series, the Atlas Series, the Modus Series and the Docker Series.


Printronix Printers Distributor Africa

For more than 40 years, Printronix has been addressing global customer needs for mission-critical industrial printing. Offering the two most-trusted brand names in back office and supply chain printing, Printronix and TallyGenicom, known throughout automotive, retail, food & beverage, government and utilities and transportation and logistics enterprises across the globe.

Printronix are the foremost global expert on both the manufacturing of the printers and the ribbons. The value of an industrial printing solution is measured by the quality and reliability of the output which it produces, and therefore, to have a quality printer is only half of the equation. This is why Printronix has never ceased to continually improve the quality and value of their Original consumables.

Printronix line printers, impact printing, Africa

Genuine TallyGenicom Consumables, Africa
Genuine Printronix Consumables, Africa
Printronix Consumables, Africa

Sewoo Printers Distributor Africa

Sewoo are a global leader in the mini-printer industry, they are dedicated to making a better Total Printing Solution with diverse innovative and reliable products. SEWOO’s standards have been demonstrated in 80 countries throughout the world since its establishment in April 2002.
The range includes POS printers, Mechanism, Mobile printers, Label printers and RFID printers reflecting rapidly changing market demands in Retail, Hospitality and the Auto Identification & Data Capture (AIDC) industry. They also manufacture diverse interfaces and accessories to make it easier to use their printers and to totally satisfy the customer’s need.

Printer Range
POS Printers – Thermal Receipt & Dot Impact
Label Printers – Barcode Label & RFID
Mobile Printers – Mobile Receipt & Mobile Label
Smart Terminals - Industrial Computers & Handheld Devices

Sewoo Label Printers, Africa

Sewoo POS Printers, Africa
Sewoo Label Printer, Africa
Sewoo Mobile Printers, Africa

Sonaray led lighting distributor Africa
SONARAY™ LED lighting leads the way to a greener and cleaner tomorrow with exceptional lighting for the industrial and commercial marketplace.

Our significant technology investment means cost-savings for our customers through consistent high quality products. These products not only lessen electricity usage, providing tangible financial savings, but they also work to preserve vital natural resources for our world since they require reduced re-lamping frequency. This, in turn, reduces carbon footprint and waste. Of course, our lighting also provides the best in chromaticity and clarity. This means literally thousands of industrial and office environments around the globe can see and be seen in a whole new light.


Synergy SD Distributor Africa
The Synergy suite of software helps you manage vehicle deliveries and collections at the port gate. With a pre-booking system in place your visitors and deliveries to port are managed for fast access and can be charged for excess time on site. Check that the authorised personnel are visiting at any time of day, that the deliveries and collections are as booked, all handled in minimum transaction times. Site-Synergy delivers real-time reporting and traceability of precisely who is where and when across your port.

Cloud based software
Site-Synergy offers either server or cloud based software, that supports multiple mobile handheld devices allocated to staff or security guards across the port delivering real time verification and traceability of transactional events. It also supports multiple gates and lanes.


Wavestore Distributor Africa
Wavestore has been providing Video Management Software solutions across a host of industries for over fifteen years. From compact installations to fully integrated enterprise solutions with many thousands of cameras and other devices seamlessly connected, Wavestore video solutions have been successfully deployed in thousands of applications around the world.

Wavestore is a global leader in innovative digital video recording and data management solutions, and the number one British provider of video management software.

From standalone systems to large distributed server networks with tens of thousands of cameras, sensors and analytics options, Wavestore provides intelligent, integrated solutions for any application.

Our client list ranges from national governments to industrial corporations and global consumer brands. No wonder that our VMS is often recognised as the world’s most user-friendly yet highly scalable video management platform.

Zebra Technologies Distributor Africa

Zebra specialise in providing industrial marking and printing solutions, industrial systems, computing and mobile data systems and scanning solutions. Their huge range of products help you manage your company data from all areas of your business, their main markets are logistics, retail, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing. Their best known technologies are in mobile computing, scanning and printing. Zebra merged with Motorola Solutions two years ago, creating a mega-solutions company with over 100 years of history and developments in technology.

Zebra rugged industrial handheld terminals, vehicle mount computers, vehicle systems, barcodes, Africa